Assessment Summary

Veteran Information Profile (VIP)

The Veteran Information Profile (VIP) is a self-report screening instrument or test developed for veteran assessment. From a treatment perspective, it is important to know if self-reported information is accurate. The VIP has a built-in Truthfulness Scale to gauge the respondents' level of truthfulness at the time of their assessment.

VIP test results are used to help determine individualized levels of need, of counseling, treatment and other services for veterans returning to civilian life. VIP test users will find that the VIP report contains valuable insight into a veteran’s particular reintegration-related problems and also classifies problems (if present) in terms of their severity. Problem severity classification is critical to providing the most appropriate and effective levels of intervention and care.

The VIP incorporates eight veteran post-deployment scales (measures):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. PTSD Scale
  3. Civilian Reintegration
  4. Suicide Scale
  5. Self-Esteem Scale
  6. Alcohol Scale
  7. Depression Scale
  8. Drug Scale

These eight VIP scales (measures) assess commonly encountered and potentially debilitating problems and disorders. The VIP can facilitate giving our returning veterans the help and care they deserve.

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