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Who Uses Online Testing tests?

Psychologists, psychiatrists, adult and juvenile courts, clinicians, outpatient counselors, inpatient staff, substance (alcohol/drug) counselors, domestic violence offender assessors, DUI/DWI offender programs, and mental health professionals. tests are used in adult and juvenile courts, probation departments, diversion programs, domestic violence offender assessment, substance (alcohol/drug) abuse assessment, and corrections (detention, jails, penitentiaries, and prisons). In addition, BDS tests are used by private practitioners, psychologists, counselors and other mental health professionals.

Online-testing assessment instruments or tests are used in a wide variety of assessment settings. Perhaps the best single source of Online tests websites (each test has its own website) is

2,303,158 Online Tests Administered to date.

Specific Tests for Specific Assessment Purposes.

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