About Us.

Our Mission Statement

Professional Online Testing Solutions, Inc. (Online Testing) was founded in 2002 and after two years of research and development was brought online in 2004 with the same mission it has today: To provide sound assessment instruments or tests that are affordable with convenient online access. Our goal at Online Testing is to provide tests that will help evaluators better meet their assessment needs.

Our Tests

To insure that our tests meet the highest professional standards, Online Testing contracted with Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS) to be their exclusive online (Internet) test provider. Most experts agree that the most valuable asset (and only true competitive advantage) any online testing company has is the quality of the tests it offers. BDS has an impressive test reputation that has been built test-by-test over the past 20 years. These solid tests provide the foundation upon which Online Testing built its online testing platform.

Our Internet Platform

Online Testing was created to better meet evaluator needs. Our goal was to offer tests with proven quality and concurrently to eliminate the need for evaluators to maintain expensive test inventories. To achieve these goals, we developed a state-of-the-art internet testing platform and partnered with BDS in order to use their superior tests. Largely because of the testing platform's speed in handling test selection, test purchases, test administration and scoring, there is no longer a need for test users to backlog tests for future use. Our Online-Testing program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays), so that evaluators can purchase the tests they need - when they need them.

Our Menu

Online Testing offers a variety of superior online tests for different patient, client, defendant and offender groups. Each of these tests is empirically- (research) based and facilitates "assessment driven treatment." We believe it is important to identify problems and their severity before formulating treatment plans. Moreover, each of these tests has a built-in Truthfulness Scale that determines how truthful the client was when tested. These tests are also HIPAA compliant and ASAM compatible.