Assessment Summary

Treatment Intervention Inventory (TII)

The Treatment Intervention Inventory (TII) identifies people with problems that would benefit from counseling, psychotherapy and/or substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse treatment.

Two of the most important clinical decisions are, Does the client have a problem? And if so, what is the most beneficial counseling and/or treatment program available? The TII helps answer both of these questions.

The TII has 162 items, takes 35 minutes to complete and has nine measures (scales):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Anxiety Scale
  3. Depression Scale
  4. Alcohol Scale
  5. Drug Scale
  6. Stress Coping Abilities Scale
  7. Self-Esteem Scale
  8. Distress Scale
  9. Family Issues Scale Scale

Careful review of the nine TII scales brings out how comprehensive this intake or screening test is. In approximately 35 minutes, the evaluator can rule in or rule out eight clinically significant areas of inquiry. This information has proven helpful in counseling treatment and intake-referral settings. The stress coping Abilities Scale screens for established emotional and mental health problems (elevated at the 90th percentile or higher) in a non nonintrusive way.

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