Assessment Summary

Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA)

The Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA) is a 142 item self-report assessment instrument or test that takes 25 minutes to complete. Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA) development was influenced by M. David Rudd's suicide theory and its peer-reviewed research. David Lang (2003) emphasized clinicians should use a suicide risk screening tool (assessment or test) with patients who have co-existing concerns like depression, anxiety or substance (alcohol/drug) use or abuse. It should be noted that the Suicide Risk Screen (SRA) is a suicide screening tool. Sometimes it is argued that by not administering a suicide risk assessment, a clinician is neglectful (Simon, 2002). References are available at

The SRA takes 25 minutes to complete and can be administered by paper-pencil (test booklet format) or on the computer screen. Regardless of how the SRA is administered, all SRA tests are scored online and reports are available on-site within 3 minutes of data (answers) entry.

Eight SRA Scale (Domains):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Depression Scale
  3. Anxiety Scale
  4. Substance Use Disorder
  5. Suicide Risk Scale
  6. Alcohol Scale
  7. Drug Scale
  8. Stress Management Scale

For more Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA) information visit An "example report" show how obtained information is displayed. On the Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA) website click on the "Example Report" link. We strongly recommend visitors look at the SRA example report.

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