Assessment Summary

Self-Assessment Index (SAX)

The Self-Assessment Index is computer scored with reports available on your printer within two minutes. It is designed for welfare recipient screening in welfare-to-work programs. It consists of 103 true/false and multiple choice items and takes 20 minutes to complete. The Self-Assessment Index has five measures (scales) which include:

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Work Index Scale
  3. Alcohol Scale
  4. Drugs Scale
  5. Stress Coping Abilities

This test exemplifies barriers to employment, so when identified, they can be resolved and worked through. When these employment obstacles are reconciled, the client's probability of obtaining and sustaining gainful employment is greatly improved.

This test screens important attitudes and behaviors for understanding and helping welfare-to-work participants. Test results can be used to positively identify employment barriers and to coordinate intervention, treatment and vocational rehabilitation services. Use of the Self-Assessment Index is to help welfare recipients obtain and sustain gainful employment.

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