Assessment Summary

Pre-Post Inventory (PPI)

The Pre-Post Inventory is a client (patient) treatment effectiveness or treatment outcome test. The Pre-Post Inventory is administered twice: at intake (pretest) screening and again at treatment completion (posttest). The pretest serves as the baseline for posttest comparison.

The Pre-Post Inventory is designed for pre-treatment and post-treatment comparison. It is an “outcome” test that addresses client change.

The Pre-Post Inventory contains 161 items and can be completed in 30 minutes. It is a computer scored self-report test that is administered and scored on-site. Computer generated reports are available within 2½ minutes of data entry

The Pre-Post Inventory has eight scales (measures):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Alcohol Scale
  3. Anxiety Scale
  4. Drug Scale
  5. Distress Scale
  6. Depression Scale
  7. Self-Esteem Scale
  8. Stress Management Scale

The Pre-Post Inventory evaluates the client’s status in the here-and-now. Pre-Post Inventory scores reflect where the client is, when they are evaluated.

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