Assessment Summary

Parolee Inventory (PI)

This test is designed specifically for parolee assessment or screening.

The PI provides meaningful risk and needs information in an objective, standardized and timely manner. PI reports are scored and printed on-site. The PI can be administered upon parolee intake, at parole officer meetings, at violation review and at scheduled intervals.

The PI has 135 items, takes 35 minutes to complete and has eight scales (measures):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Violence(Lethality) Scale
  3. Antisocial Scale
  4. Self-Esteem Scale
  5. Distress Scale
  6. Alcohol Scale
  7. Drugs Scale
  8. Stress Coping Abilities Scale

PI reports summarize the individual's self-reported court history, explain what attained scores mean, and offer specific score-related recommendations.

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