Assessment Summary

Offender Assessment Index (OAI)

The Offender Assessment Index (OAI) is designed for use in drug courts, family courts, municipal courts and county courts. It can be used to evaluate misdemeanor or felony charged defendants. OAI reports are particularly useful at presentence hearings.

The OAI consists of 158 items and takes 35 minutes to complete. OAI's are scored on-site and reports printed in three minutes. The OAI contains seven measures (scales):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Resistance Scale
  3. Violence Scale
  4. Stress Coping Abilities Scale
  5. Substance Abuse/Dependency Scale
  6. Alcohol Scale
  7. Drugs Scale

The OAI is an adult male and female test that is appropriate for misdemeanor and felony defendants. The Substance Abuse/Dependency Scale utilizes DSM-IV criteria for classification. In addition, the OAI independently assesses alcohol and drug abuse severity.

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