Assessment Summary

Juvenile Detention Exam (JDE)

The Juvenile Detention Exam (JDE) is a 109-item computer scored self-report test designed for juvenile (13-18 years) detention testing. The JDE takes 15 minutes to complete and can be administered individually or in groups. The JDE is available in a paper-pencil test booklet format. Regardless of how JDE tests are administered, all tests are scored online and printed reports are available within two minutes of test completion.

The JDE has five scales (measures):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Violence Scale
  3. Antisocial Scale
  4. Alcohol Scale
  5. Drug Scale

The JDE is time efficient in that staff report writing, substantiation of decision making and record keeping needs are met.

The JDE measures the juvenile’s truthfulness while being tested, screens for violence proneness, assesses antisocial attitudes and quantifies substance (alcohol and other drugs) use and abuse.

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