Assessment Summary

1st Offense Inventory (FOI)

Non-Violent, First Offense Assessment

The 1st Offense Inventory is designed for first offense (misdemeanor or felony) assessment (male and female). This test is particularly useful in defendant, presentence, pretrial and probation settings.

The 1st Offense Inventory consists of 122 true/false and multiple choice items. It takes 20 to 25 minutes to complete and has a high fifth grade reading level. If a person can read the newspaper, they can complete this test. Reports are scored and printed on-site within two minutes of data entry. The 1st Offense Inventory has seven scales (measures):

The Seven 1st Offense Inventory Scales (Measures)

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Alcohol Scale
  3. Drugs Scale
  4. Antisocial Scale
  5. Peer Pressure Scale
  6. Entitlement Scale
  7. Self-Esteem Scale

The 1st Offense Inventory incorporates a Truthfulness Scale that measures the client's truthfulness while being tested. It identifies attempts to fake good, lie or minimize problems. This test was designed in response to public defender's office request.

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