Assessment Summary

Domestic Violence Inventory - Short Form (DVI-SF)

The Domestic Violence Inventory - Short Form (DVI-SF) evolved from the Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI) and contains variations of the six DVI scales. The DVI-Short Form assesses attitudes and behaviors important in domestic violence offender profiling.

The DVI-SF has 76 items, takes 20 minutes to complete and has six measures (scales):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Violence (Lethality) Scale
  3. Control Scale
  4. Alcohol Scale
  5. Drugs Scale
  6. Stress Coping Abilities Scale

The DVI-SF is used in courts, probation departments, community corrections, clinics, treatment programs, etc. This test is appropriate for both misdemeanor and felony cases. The DVI-SF evaluates violence (lethality) potential, assesses control issues, quantifies substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse and measures stress handling abilities.

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