Assessment Summary

Domestic Violence Inventory - Juvenile (DVIJ)

The DVI-Juvenile is designed for juvenile domestic violence offender assessment.The DVI-Juvenile assesses attitudes and behaviors important in domestic violence offender (male and female) treatment. The DVI-Juvenile has impressively demonstrated reliability, validity and accuracy. This test meets and exceeds the professionally accepted standards.

The DVI-Juvenile has 149 items and takes 30 minutes to administer and has six scales (measures):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Violence Scale
  3. Control Scale
  4. Alcohol Scale
  5. Drugs Scale
  6. Stress Coping Abilities Scale

At one sitting of approximately 30 minutes, staff can acquire a vast amount of juvenile domestic violence offender information, which includes the probability of acting out, controlling tendencies, substance (alcohol and drugs) abuse and stress coping abilities. Early problem identification facilitates timely intervention and improved outcome.

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