Assessment Summary

Defendant Questionnaire (DQ)

The Defendant Questionnaire (DQ) is designed for adult defendant (male and female) assessment in referral, treatment and court-related settings.

Early problem identification facilitates timely intervention and treatment. DQ information helps in deciding upon supervision, placement and treatment alternatives.

The DQ has 137 items, takes 30 minutes to complete and has seven measures (scales):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Violence (Lethality) Scale
  3. Antisocial Scale
  4. Alcohol Scale
  5. Drugs Scale
  6. Substance Use Disorder Scale
  7. Stress Coping Abilities Scale

This test is particularly useful in violence, substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse and criminal cases. The DQ is also used in drug courts, probation departments, community corrections, anger management programs, alternatives to incarceration methodologies and counseling and treatment settings.

Substance Abuse/Dependency is classified in terms of DSM-5 criteria, while concurrently measuring the severity of alcohol and drug abuse.

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