Assessment Summary

Anxiety Depression Assessment (ADA)

The Anxiety-Depression Assessment (ADA) is an evidence based self-report anxiety-depression assessment instrument or test. The ADA is used by clinicians, psychologists, counselors, probation officers and mental health practitioners.

The Anxiety-Depression Assessment (ADA) is a 151-item self-report test that takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. It has been standardized on male and female adults.


  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Depression Scale
  3. Generalized Anxiety Scale
  4. Social Anxiety Scale
  5. Agoraphobia Scale
  6. Panic Disorder Scale
  7. Specific Phobia Scale
  8. Self-Esteem Scale

The Anxiety-Depression Assessment (ADA) facilitates early problem identification, which enables accurate matching of problem severity with treatment intensity. Specific risk-related intervention (meetings or classes) and treatment (counseling or psychotherapy) recommendations are given for each domain (scale).

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