PRO uses and applications: probation departments and courts

The Probation Referral Outcome (PRO) is administered to a client (offender, patient) twice - once before entering treatment (pretest) and again upon treatment completion (posttest). Pretest scale scores serve as a baseline for subsequent posttest comparison. The PRO is a multiscale self-report assessment instrument or test.

The PRO contains 165 items and can be completed in 30 minutes. It is a computer scored self-report test that is administered and scored on-site. Computer generated reports are available within 2 minutes of data entry.

1. Truthfulness Scale
2. Violence Scale
3. Alcohol Scale
4. Drug Scale
5. Depression Scale
6. Anxiety Scale
7. Self-EsteemScale
8. Stress Management Scale

These scales represent common probationer problems and concerns.

The PRO does not interpret, judge or state opinions about treatment program effectiveness. It simply reports positive and negative "change."

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