Anger-Aggression-Violence Assessment

The Anger-Aggression-Violence (AAVA) is an evidence based self-report test. The AAVA is appropriate for use in clinical practice (patients) and criminal justice (offender) violence assessments.

The Anger-Aggression-Violence Assessment (AAVA) is a 135-item self-report test that takes on average 25 minutes to complete. It has been standardized on male and female outpatients.

The AAVA has seven (7) Scales (Domains)

1. Truthfulness Scale       4. Violence Scale
2. Anger Scale                   5. Alcohol Scale
3. Aggression Scale         6. Drug Scale
                                           7. Stress Management

The Anger-Aggression-Violence Assessment (AAVA) focuses entirely on Anger-Aggression and Violence, which are conceptualized on an emotionally reactive continuum. Continuum theory postulates shades (or intensities) of Anger-Aggression and violence exist as points on a continuum of emotional reactivity. Continuum theory that as anger increases, it can evolve into aggression, which in turn can intensify and evolve into violence.

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Test Materials
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